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Zero Balance Accounts

Sterling National Bank’s Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) are special purpose accounts (payroll, operating, vendor, multiple locations, etc.) that are linked to a master account.  The ZBAs maintain a balance of $0.  All deposits made to the ZBA sub accounts are automatically transferred to a master account, and all checks and withdrawals posted to a ZBA sub account are automatically funded from the master account.  The structure is flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the business. 

Benefits of the Sterling ZBA

Allows customers to consolidate their business funds into a single account, which:

  • Simplifies bookkeeping by allowing transactions to be segregated by account and/or location
  • Reduces or eliminates overdrafts
  • Enhances your ability to make financial decisions about paying down credit lines, maintaining compensating balances, or investing excess cash
  • Saves money by reducing account fees
  • Minimizes borrowing costs by drawing on credit lines only when needed