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A Study in Excellence: Zappos Work Culture

December 15, 2015

Zappos’ culture attracts top talent—people who genuinely enjoy their work and are good at it—allowing other aspects of the business to develop naturally.

Famous for stellar customer service and unique core values, Zappos’ leadership strives to offer its workforce the same level of attention and benefits its customers enjoy. So much so that management teams from other companies visit Zappos regularly in order to learn from its internal methods. This likely wouldn’t happen if it didn’t have a culture that resonates deeply—both with other business executives and its own employees.

Ten core company values—publicized on its Web site, in job postings, and in its CEO’s book—thoroughly define the company and its mission. The contemporary language is human and intimate, not to mention inspiring:

• Deliver wow through service
• Embrace and drive change
• Create fun and a little weirdness
• Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded
• Pursue growth and learning
• Build open and  honest relationships with communication
• Build a positive team and family spirit
• Do more with less
• Be passionate and determined
• Be humble

When quizzed, managers attribute the intense employee loyalty to a culture that celebrates and cultivates the passion, purpose, and humanity of its employees.