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What to Expect from Tech with Kevin Kelly

January 22, 2018

Dreaming of what technology will look like in 30 years? Thanks to Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine and the author of the New York Times best seller The Inevitable, you now have a roadmap to guide you through the digital maze. 

It’s time to open the door to the future with Kevin Kelly’s reflective and prophetic exploration of technology and how it will impact you and your business. In his book, Kelly introduces and explains key technological forces, while providing clear and relevant illustrations to connect the dots. Explore his 12 technology understandings for a better grasp of what’s to come.

As Kelly breaks down topics such as accessing and sharing, you’ll begin to understand the technological shifts taking place right now. Continue reading, and you’ll journey beyond the current digital landscape and dive into discussions about filtering, remixing, interacting, and tracking—all in his exciting and conversational prose. 

Here’s a quick glance at each technological force discussed in Kelly’s book.

> Becoming. We are in a state of change, so be ready to adapt. 

> Cognifying. Artificial intelligence will become rapidly available. 

> Flowing. Focus on the flow from creators to consumers. 

> Screening. Content will become entirely linked and highly accessible. 

> Accessing. The shift will continue to move away from ownership and toward accessibility. 

> Sharing. There will be an increase in collaboration and experience.

> Filtering. Anticipate a shift in how we filter our technology and how it serves us. 

> Remixing. More existing material will be transformed.

> Interacting. Say hello to more virtual and augmented realities.

> Tracking. This will continue to take hold, along with monitoring.

> Questioning. Expect answers to form from a wide collective of individuals.

> Beginning. We are at an exciting starting point. Take note and embrace the change and advancements that are to come. 

Identifying Cognifying 

Kelly introduces his readers to a wealth of technology-related terms throughout his narrative, such as cognification, a force that Kelly claims will take hold of the business landscape. Cognification occurs when objects are made smarter through the addition of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Many objects are currently undergoing cognification, including: 

> Cars

> Books

> Glasses

> Lights

> Windows

> Appliances

How will this trend continue to develop? Businesses and entrepreneurs alike will need to focus on creating a variety of different AI’s to propel object intellect and achieve future advancements.