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What’s in a Hire?

August 18, 2016

Everything. The people you employ have the ability to effect great change—whether that involves taking your company to new heights or stunting possible growth. For Todd Menowitz, hiring the right people has made all the difference in his company’s ability to acquire more business and handle the work load. 

To make sure that new employees will take a forward-thinking, innovative approach to your business, you should: 

1. Look for Passion
Businesses are only as successful as the people they hire, so it’s important to have employees that are engaged and interested in your company’s unique products and services. In the interview, look for a spark, as well as examples of past interest and exploration.

2. Ask the Tough Questions
If you’re looking for a new IT Director to build off of complicated existing code, or you need a new associate to navigate the world of government regulations, ask pointed questions to ensure their thinking and experience coincide with what’s written on paper.

3. Envision the Fit
Take a deeper look at their attitude, their work ethic, and their personality—do they seem to fit into your existing company culture? Can you imagine them growing alongside your company? Envisioning a potential hire as part of your staff is important to explore before making an offer.