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Uncover the Keys to Happiness at Work

January 7, 2019

More is better. At least, that’s the maxim we’re led to believe. But how does this apply to work satisfaction? If we work harder and for longer hours, will we necessarily be happier? 

For some researchers, our level of satisfaction relies on how we define success—and how we find happiness. Uncovering intrinsic motivation, or motivation that comes from within, may lead to greater satisfaction than extrinsic motivation, or that which comes from outside sources, like money.

> Find what you enjoy and do it often. If you like what you’re doing and are good at it, you’ll likely achieve mastery over time. Doing something you enjoy will likely lead to greater happiness. Often, money and success will follow.

> Practice mindfulness at work. Put aside the growing to-do list and focus just on the task at hand. Maintaining a single focus, whether at work or home, increases productivity and will leave you feeling more accomplished than attempting to multitask.

> Adopt a positive mindset. Let go of an overly self-critical mindset and you’re more likely to learn from your own mistakes and thrive in the face of challenge. Show compassion to those around you and reap the benefits of supportive working relationships.