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Transforming Pollution to Power—Harnessing Renewable Energy

August 18, 2016

With the increase of environmentally-conscious consumers, many businesses are managing the amount of CO2 gas they release into the environment. Albany-based GE Global Research (GRC) is working on converting the emissions that they can’t discharge into clean, renewable electricity that powers the Hudson Valley. 

By building an innovative type of solar battery utilizing stored CO2 emissions, GE is actually able to “shelve” solar energy for times when it’s needed most. This battery will cut businesses’ energy expenses in half. And, because energy is being “recycled,” it’s cheaper to use.  

Stephen Sanborn, senior engineer and principal investigator at GRC, recently said in an interview with Fast Company that he believes this new approach to renewable energy could transform the solar power industry and make natural-gas plants more efficient.

Thanks to such innovation, GRC is joining the ranks of many other businesses that make social responsibility a top priority.