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Top 10 Emerging Sustainability Trends for Business

August 6, 2018
  1. C-suite Engagement. As mounting expectations cause companies to take a proactive stance on corporate responsibility, owners and top-level executives will have a more direct role in sustainability management.
  2. Stakeholder Scope. Companies will consider a broader base of stakeholders in their business decisions, including peripheral and indirect audiences affected by their environmental choices.
  3. Corporate Structure. More sustainability-related jobs will be created, including Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), and companies will establish foundations dedicated to corporate responsibility efforts.
  4. Technology. Smart technology will aid in conserving resources and streamlining processes, while automation technologies will play a role in data collection and iterative management.
  5. Increased Transparency. Sustainability reporting will become embedded in business strategy, with regular statements made available to stakeholders and the public and compensation attached to performance.
  6. Organizational Integration. Company silos will be stripped down, allowing integration of sustainability programs across departments, divisions, job descriptions, and supply chains.
  7. Collaborative Solutions. Organizations will partner with complementary brands to develop larger-scale changes in their markets, and industry-wide efforts will accelerate through associations and alliances.
  8. Customer Influence. Businesses will look to their customers for input on sustainability measures, with Generation Z holding companies to much higher standards than older generations.
  9. Industry Disruptors. Sector-wide volatility will become the norm as innovation and technologies advance to facilitate sustainable products and services.
  10. New Trailblazers. Businesses take the lead on sustainability efforts, no longer waiting for regulations or public insistence.

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