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To Rent or to Buy

June 5, 2017

In high-cost property areas like New York, renting is often preferred over buying. Though home ownership still remains part of the American dream, there are many reasons why, in some instances, renting can make more sense.

Reasons to Rent

>Taxes. The cost of property taxes once a home is bought is an extra cost incurred in the bottom line—and they happen annually.

>Maintenance. When you own your home, all repairs for broken appliances or poor plumbing fall to you, the owner. As a renter, all repair costs tend to fall to the responsibility of the owner/property manager.

>Flexibility. Renting provides tenants the flexibility to move without incurring large financial penalties or having to worry about selling or renting the property after they’re gone. It also offers the opportunity to downsize or upgrade, depending on life changes and need.

Reasons to Buy

>Equity. Some people feel that paying large sums of money in rent every month is a waste of resources when they could be putting the same amount toward owning a piece of property.

>Value. Purchasing a home when property values are down, but in an area of expected growth and popularity, offers you the opportunity to capitalize on market gains and value increases, should you someday decide to sell.

>Long-Term Savings. When you consider that rent tends to go up every year in most properties, buying a home at a fixed mortgage rate saves you money in the long run.

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