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Think Outside the Lunch Box

March 13, 2017

Mix up your company’s culture with these four different takes on team lunches that promote engagement—and fun.

Lunch and learns not only get employees away from their desks but also foster company culture. Rethink your approach to capture the invaluable benefit these culture-building opportunities offer.

1.Inter-office mix-up. Skip the costly catered lunches. Form an “experience team” to organize simple, in-office lunches prepared by employees. Collaborate on different recipes. Choose quality foods. Then make sure you have a space that’s good for dining. 

2.Try new restaurants. “Lunch roulette,” developed by employees at Kickstarter, randomized monthly lunch outings to promote interdepartmental team building.
One developer even wrote code to organize it, though that’s not necessary to have a good experience. Simply throw restaurant names in a hat or choose at random.

3.Karaoke/dance off. Take a tip from LunchBeat, an informal movement that encourages an hour-long dance break in the middle of the day. Not that daring? Try a light-hearted karaoke competition or a twist on the lip sync battle. 

4.Outside the box. While company-related lessons educate employees, consider presenting non-traditional topics. Tap into workers’ passions or outside projects, inviting them to share what they do outside of work. This requires organization and buy-in from willing team members, but is well worth it.