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Identifying the Who, What, & When

May 15, 2016

The ability to make sound decisions is a hallmark of great leaders.
But determining how to make them can be a challenge in and of itself.

If you’ve been involved in business long enough, you’ve certainly been exposed to two types of decisions—those you can make on your own, and those best made with the help of others. Models like the Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model can help you determine what type works best in each situation. 

The first step in deciding which process you should use is to ask yourself questions surrounding:

> Decision Quality—How significant is the outcome? The more important it is to determine the “right” solution, the more important it is to include others.

> Subordinate Commitment—Is it highly important for your team to buy into the decision? If so, they should probably be involved.

> Time Constraints—The longer your timeframe, the more easily you’re able to solicit the input of others.

Defining Leadership Styles

The model defines three styles of decision-making leadership: autocratic, consultative, and collaborative.

Autocratic leaders make decisions themselves, informing their team what they’ve decided. Consultative leaders gather information from their team and then make the decisions themselves based on that information. Collaborative leaders work together with their team to make decisions.

Within those three categories, the model describes five distinct processes:


Autocratic 1 (A1)—Leader uses the information on hand and makes the decision.

Autocratic 2 (A2)—Leader asks team for specific information—without identifying what the information is for—and then makes the decision.


Consultative 1 (C1)—Leader informs the team about the decision needed, asks team members individually for their opinions, then makes the decision.

Consultative 2 (C2)—Leader gathers team together as a group to discuss the situation and possible solutions, and then makes the decision.


Group (G2)—Leader serves as a facilitator as the group works to reach a decision together.

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