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The New Age of Social Media

December 26, 2018

Inspired by the lack of support mothers often feel within the technology industry, Chairman Mom, a new social media platform for working parents of any gender, was created as a safe space for parents to ask questions (think “How do you ease the stress of work travel on your family?”) and support
one another.

According to Chairman Mom’s creator, Sarah Lacy, traditional social media platforms are organized to keep people on the site longer and increase ad revenue, rather than to add true value to members’ lives. In comparison, Chairman Mom collects no personal data from its users and allows users to enter a truly “anonymous” mode.

Rather than supporting itself with ad revenue, Chairman Mom distinguishes itself from other social platforms by charging a $5 monthly subscription fee. Does Chairman Mom represent the new age of social media platforms—a platform for the people, rather than the advertising industry? Only
time will tell.