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The 5 Elements of First Impressions

October 15, 2015

An on-site interview is usually the first exposure that a potential employee will have to the workplace culture behind a brand. Since these first impressions can stick with employees for years after that initial encounter, it’s critical to carefully cultivate the candidate experience in order to leave a lasting positive impression.

Toward that end, what exactly do candidates look for when interviewing?

> Office Space. What's the ratio of cubicles to offices to common areas? Is work being done collaboratively or in isolation?

> Employee Camaraderie. Are employees easily interacting with each other—smiling and laughing? Or is there an obvious tension, creating a cold vibe?

> Workplace Speech. Do employees offer praise or do they talk negatively about one another?

> Appearances. Do workers appear to be relaxed and/or comfortably dressed?

> Decor. Is the furniture modern and comfortable? Is the décor and art inspirational and fun? Is this an attractive place to get work done?

The bottom line: Prospective employees want to know if the appealing brand culture that your company portrays in the marketplace is actually lived out from within.