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Technology: How Much is Enough?

November 28, 2016

Growing tech trends may actually be stifling your office’s workflow. More than ever, it’s key to examine whether that new tool is a help or hindrance in meeting your goals.

Technology has favorably reshaped the ways we measure and approach productivity. Yet, at times, we’re so predisposed to adopting the newest tech tool that we forget to ask whether we’re optimizing workflow or needlessly adding to it. In fact, some companies are seeing decreased efficiency as a result of too much technology. 

Could the constant pursuit of the “latest and greatest” technology be detracting from your business’s ultimate success? One of the most prudent steps you can take is to evaluate whether you’re using technology to your advantage. Consider: 

>Time. Does the new technology save time? Or is it another obstacle keeping you from completing daily tasks? If your business tracks time spent on client work, keep in mind not all time trackers are created equal. Tools like Toggl can easily interface across operating systems and browsers. What to Avoid: Burdensome or time-intensive systems that can end up taking away from employee productivity

>Interactions. Does the new system streamline the never-ending cycle of office emails and client conversations? Project management services, like Basecamp, can integrate email correspondence with deadlines and tasks to help keep departments on track and on the same page. What to Avoid: Systems and services that end up creating more unwanted back and forth dialogue

>Necessity. What’s the added benefit of implementing this technology? Does it help achieve company goals and optimize day-to-day operations for employees and clients? What to Avoid: Technology that’s merely cool and flashy—rather than a tool that measurably improves efficiency or effectiveness

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for the amount of technology that’s right for your business. The reality is that not all tech systems will offer the best return for the time and resources it demands of your company and its employees. Yet by remaining aware of new services and analyzing the success of current programs you can determine which new tech ideas you need—and the ones you can do without. 

The Effect of Technology

Communication channels have exponentially increased the number of interactions within the business landscape. As a result, more technology is being developed just to help sustain all of these channels—threatening overall productivity as a result. The bottom line: more emails, phone calls, and messages, etc., are creating greater workloads. 

In response, it’s easy to hastily cycle through communications and interactions when your inbox gets full. Take time to streamline emails, plan meetings, and organize schedules with helpful technology—as opposed to more technology. If you plan, your day-to-day business processes will flow more easily.