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Sterling prides itself on being a relationship bank with the ability to provide its clients with financing throughout the company's life cycle. As a company grows and the demand for capital increases, Sterling has the capability to meet the needs through syndication, a process where more than one financial institution provides a portion of the total funding needs.

Sterling's syndication team has decades of experience as a lead agent in placing transactions with other lenders. The group can provide one-stop shopping with seamless execution to get a transaction completed.

This may involve transactions with many forms, or tranches, of debt (such as revolving lines of credit, term loans, mortgages, second lien and/or sub debt) where Sterling will lend a significant portion of certain of these tranches of the transaction for its own account and place or syndicate the balance of the transaction.

Sterling also has the capability to underwrite and provide certainty of execution in selected situations to provide you greater comfort that your transaction will be completed.

Additionally, through our syndication team with its wealth of contacts, Sterling will participate with other lenders in product sectors where other agents are the lead and where such transactions exceed the house limit of those institutions and they need a reliable and cooperative lender to complete the transaction.

For more information about what Sterling can provide in these larger syndicated transactions please contact us.