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Sterling Clients

Sterling National Bank delivers when clients expect extraordinary.

Sterling National Bank meets the business banking needs of small to mid-sized companies and local communities by building strong relationships, understanding what makes our clients’ businesses unique, and providing expertise and guidance. Find out more of what our clients have to say, and why they’ve come to expect extraordinary.

"I needed help along the way and Sterling was there to provide it."

“A lot of people make promises, but Michael Haddad actually delivered.” He continued, “Through his implementation of new processes and technologies, there’s been an increased sense of consistency and trust.”

“We need a bank that will help us leverage all the opportunities that are available. Sterling is an innovative bank with qualities that are balanced in technology and leading-edge services. We consider them our partner for the future.”

“Sterling was happy to work with us, understand our rationale, and serve our needs”

"Sterling has provided flexible financing, listens to our needs and changes with us. They've been a great partner as we're growing, and they've given us the ability to develop new products."

"Running a real estate business has challenges every single day, but what we have in a partner with Sterling, is a known relationship, a successful relationship. It helps us achieve our goals in ways that make everything fluid."

"There is not an opportunity we pursued that Sterling National Bank could not help us achieve," says Rolling V President Phil Vallone. "Sterling National Bank has always grown and changed for the better, just like our family and our company. They've helped Rolling V meet every one of our challenges."

"They are really part of our dream, part of our future. Sterling is an integral part of our business. They constantly want to know what's in store for tomorrow. Having a partner like Sterling National Bank is a big part of our success story."

"Working with Sterling has been a pleasure. We've developed a friendship . . . Sterling has been there for us and it's been a great partnership."

“When you’re in an industry that’s always changing, you need something you can rely on. We can always count on Sterling National Bank.”

"I've worked with many other commercial banks over a 30-year career, and Sterling National Bank really does provide above and beyond what any other commercial bank has ever provided me or any other business that I've ever been involved in."

“When your bank understands your business through and through, they grow with you and are responsive to your needs.”

“SNB helped us in the early days. They gave us a running start to get us to where we are today.”