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Stellar Customer Experience

January 2, 2019

Research shows just one negative experience will cause 25% of your customers to stop doing business with you. Build a robust customer experience strategy by investing resources in five key areas.

Customer experience (CX), the sum of all touchpoints between you and your customers, is an often-underdeveloped element of business strategy. Consider how these five components in the CX value chain can be strengthened with additional planning and resources.

> Insights. Processes like market segmentation, persona development, and journey mapping can help you identify your customer and understand how to best interact during the entire customer experience.

> Technology. Implementing a CX strategy across all divisions and devices will require the right digital and mobile technology.

> Processes. Avoid frustration and confusion and ensure consistency in your customer’s experience by developing and properly training on a well-planned set of CX standards.

> Interaction. Empower employees with timely insights by capturing feedback in real time through a wellmanaged social media platform or post-interaction surveys.

> Data. Relevant consumer data and real-time analytics integrated across your organization allow you to monitor progress and adjust according to customer needs and market responses.