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Standing Out in a World of Content Chaos

August 28, 2017

From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed, we’re bombarded with content. Each minute of the day, nearly hundreds of thousands of tweets and Facebook posts are posted and hundreds of hours of video are uploaded on YouTube. With all of that content, how can you make your company’s message stand out? Customize it. Creating custom content is a way of grabbing—and keeping—your audience’s attention. 

A Scenario to Consider

You’re on a marketing email list for a business you’ve purchased from before. Every other day, they send really basic emails talking about the value of their product—the one you already purchased. What good does that do you? None.

That’s where targeted custom content comes into play. According to the Custom Content Council, 90% of consumers find custom content helpful. Why wouldn’t you take that step for your business? The key to custom content is that the content you’re creating should be unique and designed to meet your audience where they are. 

First Things First

Before creating any piece of content, consider whether the topic will be engaging and helpful for your readers. Does it matter to them? Is it useful?

Custom content may not always have an overt sales goal. This tool in your marketing arsenal is designed to build your company’s reputation as being useful and an expert in the field. In turn, when your services are needed, customers are likely to lean on you.