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Beyond the Limits of Uniformity—Rethinking Hires to Ignite Innovation

August 18, 2016

Workforce diversity is a key driver of long-term growth. Yet it often runs counter to typical hiring strategies, which can unintentionally promote cultural fit at the expense of innovation. 

The Challenge of Conformity

Standardized human resource practices are meant to foster consistency through predictable processes, while maintaining uniformity in employee standards. This practice promotes employee fairness and company transparency. In hiring, however, it can promote a homogeneous company culture made up of people who think alike. While cultural fit is important, hiring people who think alike may result in tunnel vision, stifled imagination, and limited creativity—preventing your business from embracing change and innovation.

Diversity—The Key to Growth

Businesses need outside-the-box thinking in order to address the market forces they face. This is why diversity—working alongside people who aren’t like you—is so critical to long-term company success. On one hand, it invites alternative perspectives that awaken leadership to see competition and the path forward more clearly. On the other, it’s more likely to push beyond the established business model to explore creative ways to grow. In the end, you’ll have a team of forward-thinking, trend-savvy professionals. Willing to ask uncomfortable questions and propose inspiring solutions, they'll be better prepared to lead your company to new horizons.