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Redesigning Humanscale

February 11, 2019

Any user experience design buff knows about Humanscale—the first all-in-one tool created to show you the correct measurement for any subject you happen to be designing for. Building a desk, a computer, a coffee cup—human measurements are vital to your design process and allow people to easily use your product. Humanscale, a set of nine rotating disks with over 60,000 data points, was unique in its offering in that it provided a comprehensive set of information in one easily accessible tool, whereas past sets of information were scattered across databanks and research centers.

While new technology has taken the place of the Humanscale, this quintessential design tool continues to hold the fascination and love of many designers, which is why it has been recreated recently for the modern age by IA Collaborative. At the very least, this handy, revolutionary design tool reminds us of the value of creating products, tools, and services with the target customer in mind.