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Configure Workspace to Reinforce Company Culture

December 15, 2015

Workspace that symbolizes your culture reminds employees of what the company, brand, and its people stand for. Plus, it echoes your organizational purpose to visiting clients, directly affecting how your brand is perceived by key stakeholders.

Innovative office design is becoming the norm rather than the exception. So much so that employees often expect to work in conditions that simultaneously comfort and inspire. As companies have become aware of this, office space and its related benefits have emerged as key differentiators in winning the right talent and brand followers.

One way to use space to your advantage is to engage employees in the design process. Flexible space configurations enable employees to re-tailor the layout, height, and configuration of their desks in ways that make them more productive. Likewise, teams can also adapt work stations to support their projects—moving desks into a circular break-out space or a long row in order to suit their needs through each phase.