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Healthy Team, Productive Team: Quick and Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

November 15, 2015

With winter’s chill upon us—and with it the temptation to hibernate—you might want to think about heading off the accompanying lull at the pass. By fostering an environment that makes it easier to make healthy lifestyle choices, you can both improve team members’ health (which also means improved productivity) and reinforce your company culture through fun, engaging activities at a time when things usually begin to feel dull. Some thought-starters:

Team Effort. Whether starting workout groups or initiating diet groups built around responsible food choices, the key to success is to encourage employees to do it together.

Plan and Celebrate. Help members set achievable goals. Then, make it part of the process to share progress and applaud successes with the team.

Offer Rewards. Offer incentives along the way to help team members keep taking part—especially those that relate to their goals and/or activities.

Switch out Snacks. Help your team make healthy choices when snacking at the office or during company events. Swap sweets, candy, and soda with natural treats like nuts, fruit, guacamole, and vitamin water.

Set the Tone. When employees see leadership participating, they’re more likely to feel supported and inspired to take part themselves.