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Defining Company Purpose

May 15, 2016

The Rallying Cry That Motivates Vision and Mission

What’s your purpose? It’s a question that’s becoming more prevalent in business circles. But articulating the compelling reason that your business exists isn’t always easy. Moreover, there’s some confusion about why it matters or how it differs from your vision and mission. 

In actuality, those three—purpose, vision and mission—can and should work together to guide your company’s leadership, inspire its employees, and drive strategic planning. Clarifying their meaning is an essential first step.

Paint the Picture

When we talk about vision, we’re talking about the long-range view of where your business is going. Aspirational rather than rooted in the day-to-day, think of it as the travel brochure that paints an enticing picture of your destination.

Establish Focus

Mission, on the other hand, defines the business your company is in. By bringing into focus what you do, how you do it, and for whom, it serves as a roadmap for how you’ll achieve the vision you’ve laid out.

Sound the Rallying Cry

With that foundation, your purpose serves as a declaration of the impact your company will have on the audiences it serves. Motivational in nature, it answers the question of, “Why care?”