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The Power of the Human Experience

August 15, 2015

Employees who are encouraged to be real and bring their true personality to their job tend to be happier and more productive. Ultimately they project a positive company brand, building trust and loyalty with your clients. Being able to more openly display their emotions and humanity also helps employees better relate to clients. This is key, as buying has been proven to be an emotional experience—happier employees yield happy clients.

A company’s ability to capture how your client-facing employees and clients interact emotionally—before, during, and after a point of sale—produces significant qualitative data that can be used to drive product development and improvement processes. It’s no longer enough to be able to just track which products and services clients purchased and when those purchases occurred. As public demand for more human-centered products and services grows, the pressure is on to meet clients at deeper emotional levels.

Analytic tools track emotional intelligence—the ability to sense, understand, and apply the power of emotions to collaborate at a range of levels. These tools provide the kind of qualitative data about employees and clients that is pivotal to understanding how a transaction develops and closes.

With Kanjoya Inc.’s text analysis technology, businesses can utilize less-structured data from sources such as review sites, surveys, and blogs to detect service- or product-related issues and activate immediate response. It essentially interprets the data you’re already collecting to identify trends and inform customer experience improvements in real-time.

Similarly, Sightcorp has developed technology that is comprised of two flexible, cross-platform tools called InSight SDK (individual analysis) and CrowdSight SDK (crowd analysis). Each tool analyzes how individuals respond to various stimuli on mobile or desktop platforms. For example, Cameleon has developed a web-based platform with Sightcorp’s product called InsightManager, which is able to track multiple people inside a retail store to measure their age, gender, and attention span and better understand their engagement level and behavior.

With this technology, revising marketing plans or adjusting product shelves can be done cost-effectively and produce desired ROI. By integrating such tracking tools into product or process improvement or client relationship management, companies can reap new inputs and new, different values from their teams.