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Serious About Success? It May Be Time to Play

May 15, 2016

Good strategy comes down to making the right choices. One stimulating yet familiar opportunity to explore different scenarios invites companies to play with everybody’s favorite toy bricks in order to fuel inspiration and drive impact.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®—designed by the company behind the world’s most successful toy—taps into your team’s creativity to boost strategic problem-solving and enhance how it handles change.

With a facilitator guiding teams to build structures out of LEGO® bricks, the experience helps them to visualize and physically create something. Besides offering the benefit of seeing the immediate outcome of their efforts, it also challenges them to make adaptations or alterations as they build. Throughout, facilitators guide intentional dialogue around issues that teams encounter, where they found success, and how changes to simple structures can serve as metaphors for work situations.

Play With a Purpose

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a purposeful activity that combines fun with strategy, giving team members a framework for implementing meaningful change in their work processes. Besides increasing motivation, driving efficiency and enhancing feelings of empathy among team members, play in the workplace offers a number of tangible benefits:

> Strengthen teamwork. Play forces employees out of their traditional patterns and practices. Interacting in different ways in different spaces that go beyond the traditional cubicle or workstation, they usually end up finding a commitment to shared goals.

> Drive innovation. Participants build and evaluate their team’s structure, choosing appropriate LEGO® bricks to augment or represent a particular problem—all the while learning to look at old problems through a new lens.

> Use analogous thinking. Because it’s play-driven activity, team members are encouraged and inspired to draw parallels between their group experience and work challenges or opportunities.

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Your Workplace Playbook

Whatever form of business play your business chooses, use these guidelines to get the creativity flowing:

> Build cross-departmental teams. Design any play event to enable team members from different departments—who have varying roles and responsibilities—to interact.

> Set the rules for talking. Share verbally, but also use Post-Its or paper to share ideas. This allows introverts to be part of the process and prevents the loudest voices from dominating the conversation.

> Change up protocols. To keep people engaged and involved, use different media—such as a short presentation or chances to share, write, or draw out ideas on a whiteboard.