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Platform Breakdown

January 22, 2018

The way you reach your consumers is continuing to become more digital and tech-centered. Review the numbers and invest in the right platforms for your business's marketing success.

infographic about marketing channel statistics

Mobile is one of the fastest growing platforms

  • 284 billion - the number of mobile commerce sales expected by 2020
  • 51% - the number of smartphone users who have discovered a new company or product on their smartphone

Digital video is expanding

  • 40x - the rate visual content is shared on social media compared to other forms of content
  • 4.4 million - the number of videos uploaded directly to Facebook in February 2016

Print remains steadfast

  • 56% - of customers view print as the most trustworthy form of marketing
  • $16.6 billion - the estimated value of the consumer magazine advertising market in the U.S.

Social Media is making a splash

  • $17.34 billion - the cost of social media advertising in the U.S. by 2019
  • 40 million - the number of active small-business pages on Facebook

Digital advertising is surpassing TV

  • 95% - Google's revenue from online advertising
  • 26.3% - the global increase on social media ad spending predicted for 2017

Now that you have the stats, learn how to use platforms, demographics, and budgets to build a strong marketing campaign.