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Personality Traits of Top Sellers

December 5, 2018

Making the right hire can make all of the difference for your business. The upfront cost of recruitment can be high, but when you choose the right individual for the job, you avoid watching him or her leave and having to spend more money to hire a replacement. If you can ace the selection process of a salesperson, you’ll gain an excellent new employee who will save you time and make you money. 

>Here are four traits to look for in salespeople:

> Goal-oriented. This may seem obvious—after all the goal is a sale. But a salesperson who is not goal-oriented has a hard time focusing on intermediate process goals, like setting appointments, that help reach the ultimate goal.

> Curious. Great salespeople ask a lot of questions and never feel like they have enough information about a prospect or a client. 

> Tenacious. Good  salespeople are not afraid to ask for the sale, and they see obstacles as new opportunities to find solutions.

> Empathetic. More than just being good listeners, empathetic salespeople know intuitively how to adapt their behavior to a prospect’s situation.

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