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Pay it Online

November 12, 2019

Say goodbye to the hassle of stamps and envelopes, and say hello to Bill Pay, an online solution to managing your bills.

With today's rapidly changing technology, headlines are dominated by stories on artificial intelligence, 3-D printed body parts, and virtual reality. In comparison, the ability to pay your bills online may not seem so exciting—but it might improve your life more than you expect.

Since the mid-1990s, online bill paying has grown into a robust package of services and can allow you to perform a variety of financial tasks, including:

> Receive and pay all your bills from one dashboard
> Pay bills fast—usually the next business day, with same-day service available for a fee
> Schedule payments based on when you want payment to be received
> Share bills with other people—like sharing rent with roommates or getting reimbursed for a restaurant check you’ve split with friends
> Create automatic payments and reminders to make manual payments
> Make a payment to virtually any individual

Online Bill Pay is not only easier, but also more secure than other ways of paying your bills. Learn more.