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Maximizing Workforce Value Through Freelance Labor

May 15, 2016

Whether you’re a start-up with limited resources or an established company poised for growth, you can adjust to today’s shifting workforce and gain competitive advantage by jumping into what’s being called the “gig economy.” By filling in the gaps—contracting the right people with the right skills for the right project at the right time—you can maximize revenue whatever your market conditions.

Making it Work

Four tips for successfully working with freelance talent:

> Choose Wisely. Take the time to find the right fit. Check references, get samples and assess personality so you’re on the same page.

> Be Clear. Have a plan up-front. Define expectations, identify deliverables, and establish a timeline for easy collaboration.

> Think Team. Treat them like valued partners. By including and empowering them, you’ll encourage productivity.

> Communicate Well. Essential to success, give open direction and honest feedback. Listen to their expertise and insights, which are part of their value.