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Make Your Pitch for Investors

June 15, 2015

Your business has uncovered an opportunity—and identified an innovative solution. But where do you find funding, and how do you deliver a compelling pitch?

Consider the landscape for investors.
These may be angel investor networks— often comprised of individuals interested in connecting their communities— individual angel investors, and friends and family.

Develop and present a compelling pitch.
Considering these points before standing in from of potential investors in order to strengthen your argument for funding:

> Be clear and make a point.
Present the problem, and demonstrate how your unique solution has potential for success. Each piece of your presentation should stick to clarifying and explaining the purpose of your idea, product, or innovation. What effect will this have? Make a clear value proposition.

> Understand the risk.
Potential investors always consider the risk of a new endeavor. Risk can be positive—the innovation could bring a new product, brand, or presence to the market. Risk can be negative in that the innovation may only hold until the competition’s next new thing comes along. Be realistic about the risks and potential for breakthrough.

> Tell your story.
Explain to your audience how you realized this opportunity. Let your passion show—your enthusiasm for the success of the project makes a difference for potential investors.

> Share the details.
Show your potential investors you’ve done the legwork—including a business plan, outline for making money, and comprehensive research. Make your points clear and supportive of your argument, and keep the presentation simple and succinct.

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