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Make A Lasting Impression Through the Perfect Networking Email

February 21, 2017

Business networking offers a way to learn, expand resources, and make vital connections. Yet breaking the ice with someone new isn’t easy—especially when email has overtaken the phone as the primary channel for professional communication. 

There are few things more intimidating than pressing “send” on a cold networking email. Even after crafting the perfect subject line and pitch, there’s still the possibility that the message will never be read.

Setting yourself apart in a flooded inbox can feel like a tall order, but it can be achieved by putting a personal touch on the all-too-often impersonal and unsolicited email pitch.

In order to leave a positive, lasting impression as you develop networking relationships, here are a few quick tips: 

> Conduct Due Diligence.

Inform your message with research of your target and their company. By highlighting their expertise or knowing their business, you’ll establish a sense of familiarity.

> Get Creative.

Skip the usual, expected introduction. Find a “hook” in your research or connect over common ground in order to make your greeting unique.

> Add Value.

Instead of jumping into what this person can do for you, offer them something of value in order to spark a connection and foster further communication.