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Logging Into Personal Online Banking

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Browser Information

Personal Online Banking offers compatibility with a broad set of browsers.

We support the last two major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome once the newest version has been successfully tested. When a new version is launched, support will typically cease on the third-oldest major version.

Please note that utilizing older browsers may result in disabled functionality or limited access to services.

Supported browsers for Personal Online Banking:

Operating System Browser
Windows 10 Edge, Chrome--Current Stable Version, Firefox--Current Stable Version
MAC OS X 10.14+ (Mojave, Catalina) Current stable version of Chrome and Safari

Online Banking may not function properly if you access it from an unsupported operating system or browser.

The supported browsers above are for use with the traditional online banking interface and devices (desktop/laptop), and do not apply to use with mobile devices (phones/tablets). If using a phone or tablet to access online banking outside of an app, functionality and appearance may vary from the traditional interface.

Additional Browsers

Browser usage is reviewed periodically. Additional browsers will be added if usage meets or exceeds 5% of total login activity.

Beta Versions of New Browsers

Beta versions are not supported. When new versions of browsers are announced as ready to Release to the Web (RTW) by the provider, they will be tested prior to becoming a supported version.


The following types of tools and/or access are not recommended and may impact experience:

  • Accessing accounts via an embedded browser such as:

o Personal or Commercial Financial Management Software (Quicken)

o Browser bars within AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc.

o Internet portal access within gaming systems such as xBox.

  • Use of browser add-ins (emoticons, FunWeb services, etc.) Download one of the supported browsers now!

Download Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer

Download FirefoxFirefox

Download SafariSafari

Download Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

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