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Healthy Light, Healthy Life

December 26, 2017

We’re surrounded by light, both natural and artificial—but now indoor bulbs can help optimize workflow morning, noon, and night. Helia, a brand of SORAA, whose lights illuminate world-class museums and hotels, recently unveiled a new line of environmentally friendly light bulbs for the home or office. These full-spectrum LED lights mimic natural sunlight by following the cycle of the sun from sunrise to sunset. The bulbs change and emit different colors of light to imitate shifting daylight, which prevents the artificial glow from disrupting your productivity during the day—or your sleep at night.

How They Work Throughout the Day:

Morning. Bulbs emit crisp white light with blue light levels that enhance alertness.

Midday. Bulbs radiate warmer white light with a blend of blue light that keeps you focused.

Evening. Bulbs give off soft white light, totally removing blue light to increase melatonin levels and promote better sleep patterns.