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Health Information Technology in the Hudson Valley

June 15, 2015

How has the Affordable Care Act affected the Hudson Valley? These regional collaborations are making headway in the healthcare and health information technology sphere:

> The region was selected as a site for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid’s Comprehensive Primary Care initiative, an effort to foster collaboration among private and public health plans. Roughly 286 care providers through 75 primary care practices—and 40,500 beneficiaries—are participating.

> Taconic Health Information Network and Community (THINC) reports an adoption rate of 77% for electronic health records (EHR) across the Hudson Valley, and 353 primary care providers who demonstrated meaningful use of EHR—that’s compared with the state adoption rate of 61%.

> THINC and Southern Tier Healthlink will merge to form HealthlinkNY to create a robust statewide health information network where patient information can be stored and electronically shared securely among physician offices and hospitals.

> THINC was granted $2.4 million and recognized as a contractor for the state’s Population Health Improvement Program, aimed at improving patient care and lowering costs.