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Grow Together

August 7, 2017

Sales partnerships offer strategy with a twist by using relationships to advance innovation and growth.

When looking to drive growth, the instinct is to look inward—to the sales team. After all, these are the highly skilled individuals who have been tasked with promoting your products and closing deals. If that’s your entire growth strategy, however, you could be missing out. For a truly cutting-edge plan, consider partnering up.

How Partners Can Help Identify Opportunities

When evaluating other businesses for potential partnerships, look for ones that have similar missions to yours. Joining forces with a company that sells complementary products or services (e.g. their software, which runs on your hardware) can boost your exposure to your market.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

If you’ve partnered with a business that does what they do best, you can devote your energy to doing what you do best. This specialization can provide your team with the time and mental bandwidth they need to develop the next great idea.

Share with Confidence 

By providing training to your partners’ employees—and welcoming their training for yours—the partnership will be stronger and more open. When your team is exposed to how similar corporations operate, expect new innovations to follow.