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Grow Through Selective Marketing

May 15, 2016

Strategically Turn Away Clients to Achieve Maximum Impact

It’s a common idea in marketing circles: cast the widest net to reach the greatest number of customers. Yet such a strategy rarely produces the results advocates are after. Worse, by targeting everyone, your company may actually reach the wrong clients—ones who drain resources and offer limited returns—negatively impacting your business. 

Astute marketers work to repel such clients. How? By clearly defining and actively going after their ideal customer. 

Call it selective marketing.

By getting to know your audience and creating marketing that directly addresses them, you’ll actually encourage the customers that you don’t want to self-select out, while fostering loyalty and increasing revenue among those that you do. 

Get to Know Your Ideal Client

> Commit to research

> Ask in-depth questions

> Develop a detailed profile

> Craft products, services, and communications with them in mind