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Give 5 Star Performance Reviews

December 11, 2017

Help your employees understand their professional strengths and weaknesses by mastering the art of performance reviews.  

Don’t let uncertainty cause you to overlook employee performance reviews—assessing your team members efficiency, leadership ability, and overall quality of work is vital to your business’s success. Here’s how to ensure your feedback is clear, concise, and informative. 

> Introduce and Outline. Start by covering the basics. Highlight what’s important to the company—such as mission statement, professional focus, and upcoming goals—then tailor your discussion to the employee and their job role. What are some measurable objectives you would like to see them complete or achieve over the coming months?

> Collaborate. Clear lines of communication are crucial when discussing someone’s performance. In addition, reviews can be far more effective if you include other administrators in the conversation. Focus on uniting team members and building camaraderie across departments by including a management review group.

> Be Delicate but Direct. Always provide concrete feedback to improve employee performance. Avoid generalized statements or unclear descriptions and expectations. Remember, constructive criticism is most valuable when the employee understands and is able to benefit from it. This may mean asking them to rearticulate or respond to what you’ve said to ensure they’re on the same page.

> Leave Room for Dialogue.After you’ve provided your thoughts and an action plan for the future, it’s time for the employee to ask questions. Help clarify and connect the dots during this time so you both leave the conversation confident. Really take time to listen to how your employees react to your feedback so you can make adjustments in the future. 

Be bold, point out potential, and equip your employees with the tools they need to be more productive. Before you know it, performance reviews will be rewarding to you, your workforce, and your company as a whole.

Solutions in a Snap

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