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Game Plan for Growth: Sterling National Bank and New York Jets Form Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

November 20, 2017

Driven. Tactical. Nimble. Resilient. These terms might easily describe the ruggedness and dedication of the New York Jets, but they are also qualities the NFL franchise found in common with Sterling National Bank. Together the organizations formed a strategic partnership, discovering in each other innovative opportunities for growth.

When Sterling National Bank and the New York Jets each set out to expand their markets and enhance business-to-business relationships, they didn’t have far to search before finding the perfect partner. Sterling, with its strong ties and long history in the New York-New Jersey metro area, and the Jets, an established NFL franchise beloved by millions, both shared a passion for thought leadership and extraordinary client experiences, setting the groundwork for what would become a long-term strategic partnership.

While there are several key components to their new partnership, perhaps the most significant is the professional affiliation the two entities in the NY Metro Area now have with one another. Sterling has been named the “Official Commercial Bank of the New York Jets.” This powerful designation underscores Sterling’s sophisticated depository and treasury management capabilities and further distinguishes it as a top commercial bank in the region. Sterling has also become a supporting partner of the Jets’ B2B platform, the Jets Partner Alliance, joining a prestigious group of corporate and suite partners.

Mutual Benefit

The hallmark of every strong business relationship is mutual benefit, and the success of this partnership lies in the way each organization established clear objectives and committed to helping its partner realize theirs. Jets executives entered the partnership with two main objectives: to expand their B2B platform, the Jets Partner Alliance, and to align with a corporate banking partner who could strengthen their brand. These clearly stated goals allowed Sterling to envision how its own objectives and capabilities might fit. 

For the bank’s role, Sterling sought opportunities to provide financial expertise to those who would benefit the most, build leads, share best practices, and create meaningful introductions and relationships with existing and new businesses. The suites and hospitality services provided by the Jets do just that by cultivating memorable experiences for Sterling and its existing and potential clients, as well as  opening doors and allowing deeper relationships to grow. 

Market Growth 

The Jets have been part of the fabric of the New York-New Jersey area since 1960, and Sterling has been helping area businesses realize their dreams for nearly 130 years. The two brands are rooted in the hardworking, everyday people that make New York happen, and their core target markets overlap in middle-market businesses and the owners and managers of those companies. By tapping into each other’s built-in demographic, the partners will expand their reach, grow their client base, and strengthen their areas of expertise. 

Strategic partnerships are not intended to deliver immediate publicity or quick upticks in customer base. These relationships are long-term arrangements that evolve organically over time, as each partner learns how to best work with the other in order to realize their shared objectives. Sterling and the Jets are committed to growing their relationship over the years and to discovering new ways to bring value to the partnership.