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From Doing Good to Being Good

August 16, 2016

With heightened consumer expectations that companies also act as upstanding citizens, a number of businesses—in recent years—have shifted to actually addressing environmental, social, and charitable concerns as part of their business. Even so, questions remain regarding both the true impact of such directives and the motivation behind this shift. 

Out of this, progressive companies have emerged, known as Benefit Corporations, or B Corps, which are corporate entities that aim to benefit society and their shareholders. Committed to generating positive impact rather than shareholder return, these businesses are rooted in transparency and accountable to a broader range of stakeholders—essentially anyone their product or service touches or affects. 

Naturally, they’re also attracting a new brand of investor—one that takes a longer-term view and expects direct, personal, and collaborative involvement in the business.

The Rise of Benefit Corporations

> Currently number over 1,600 

> Blend profit and social responsibility

> Legally bound to social mission

> Driven by entrepreneurs with social sensibilities