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Finding Purpose

July 30, 2018

In order to achieve anything, we must be intentional. One way to do that in a leadership role is by crafting a purpose statement. Commonly used by companies to inspire movement, align their people, and develop concrete plans for driving results, a purpose statement can be just as useful for individual leaders to create a sense of focus that leads to influence and impact.

By answering three basic questions, you can begin to define your vision, lay out your mission, and identify your strategy for leading within your organization:

Vision: Where will you go?

First, determine where you want to take your business. Paint an inspirational picture that takes into account your competitive landscape, what sets you apart, your role in effecting change, and key players who can join you.

Mission: What will you do?

Next, articulate what you’ll do to achieve your vision day to day. What’s your part in getting where you’re headed? What roles will you play? How you answer can create alignment within your role and with the broader business.

Strategy: How will you do it?

Finally, explain how exactly you’ll go about the tasks you’ll tackle and the role you’ll play. For instance, if you’re coaching your team with one-on-one meetings, it may be to celebrate wins, encourage risk-taking and invite questions. The point? To get specific.