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Does My Business Really Need Social Media?

August 17, 2016

With a quarter of the world on board with social media, your business needs to view these vibrant networks as a valuable and useful tool.

Beyond the likes and follows, you want to leave a mark with your social media presence in a manner that's right for your company. Here are four primary and strategic ways to successfully utilize these platforms:

> Reach a defined audience. When you’re clear on your audience for each different channel, you can create content that’s relevant to them. 

> Increase company awareness. The more people encountering your name and brand, the more likely they are to share it with a friend or think of your business the next time they need a similar service. 

> Promote internal expertise. These interactive platforms are great places to showcase white papers, case studies, and other resources and information highlighting company successes and industry thought-leadership. 

> Drive business. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a variety of paid campaigns or promoted posts that allow you to position your company in front of potential customers. 

By posting consistent updates and creating noteworthy content, your business has the ability to powerfully target and reach your defined audience.