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Ditch the Status Quo with Disruptive Leadership

January 23, 2017

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, many businesses are rejecting complacency to adopt a more disruptive approach. Instead of merely reacting to change, disruptive companies gain advantage by creating positive change through fearless innovation and agility. Learn how your company can shake up a stagnant market by adopting these stand-out qualities exhibited by top disruptive leaders.

>Thinking Creatively

Disruptive leaders intuitively apply innovative thinking to solve problems and manage others. They seek to discover breakthroughs, rather than relying on the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

>Planning Adaptively

Though all good leaders should be proactive in planning for the future, a disruptive leader must also be agile and open to change. These leaders actually embrace surprises and view them as opportunity for growth. 

>Adopting Candor as Policy

Disruptive leaders don’t coddle their teams in an effort to keep the waters calm. Their perspective: a little rough water might shake things up enough to effect much-needed change. 

>Staying Visible

Teams needs more than a figurehead to thrive through the challenges of change. Accordingly, disruptive leaders can be found at the center of the action, personally guiding the process. 

>Pushing Boundaries

Regardless of how things used to be done, disruptive leaders question everything. They also seem to intuitively know which norms can be broken for better outcomes.