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Design Thinking Exercises to Uncover a Better User Experience

May 15, 2015

Asking key questions and visualizing end-user activities can help your designers develop a more robust user experience that generates loyalty and drives incremental gains:

> What if…
Explore future engagement scenarios by posing the question “what if…?” By doing so, design leaders can prompt exploration of even the most outlandish scenarios. Keep in mind that there are no limits to the dimension of thinking—anything can be considered.

> The Five Whys
Ask “why?” at least five times to dig below the outward symptoms of a user experience and uncover the root cause of the outcome. The tactic delves deeper into underlying motives and asks “why?” over and over again…but with finesse and diplomacy.

> A Day in the Life
Visualize routines and activities of users. Create a descriptive walkthrough of a typical user’s daily activities. This tool is ideal for understanding point-to point interactions for user experience.