Enable Accessibility

Connect with Customers Through Workplace Diversity

January 9, 2017

Diversity, and the unique perspectives it brings, can help unlock potential and propel your business forward—both internally and externally.

When you hire employees with different backgrounds, ethnicities, gender, and skillsets, you’re gaining fresh perspectives and new voices that will foster the transformation of ideas while also challenging the status quo.

“Talent has no race, no religion, no sexual orientation, no age,” says Wendy Clark, CEO of advertising agency DDB Worldwide North America.

Clark believes that creating a diverse company culture—where employees can come into work every day as their unique selves—can position companies to be more competitive in the marketplace. After all, most businesses have a diverse customer base, made up of people who buy the same product but who likely desire varied features and/or experiences. 

To better understand customer wants or expectations, hire individuals from different cultures and environments. Gather employee insights and experiences to define audience behavior. Such tactics can help you assess demand and make sure your business stays in sync with customers.

Hiring Tip:

Look to technology when trying to diversify your company. Online hiring services can evaluate successors from within the company while removing any trace of favoritism or bias. Headhunter firms can provide lists of outside hires who fit your desired qualifications, while also being more inclusive.