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Computers vs. Closers

September 30, 2019

It’s wise to consider how technology, automation, and artificial intelligence will impact our future, but should we fear for our sales jobs? While phones, homes, and automated customer service calls become more and more intelligent, the necessity for a human touch in sales experiences is as important as ever.

As technology will inevitably continue to change the way salespeople reach their customers and generate leads,
all signs indicate that robots will never be able to fully replace talented salespeople—here’s why.

A human touch or a robot’s poke?

People’s purchasing behavior often defies logic, especially when it comes to major investments and costly business partnerships. Through empathy, emotion, and energy, a human salesperson can produce an angle and gain the trust required to satisfy someone’s “incomputable” needs.

An opportunity or an encroachment?

The best salespeople will incorporate new innovations into their work, not be gradually replaced. They will recognize how technology can help them gain access to leads, spaces, and insights to improve their output.

New salesperson or new sales tool?

It is believed the average salesperson spends 80% of their time qualifying leads and only 20% closing. Many of the automation features of sales are created to cut through the busy work so closers can get down to closing. Machine learning and data analytics may also reveal which tactics will increase the productivity of the sales team.