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Case Studies: Client Experience Done Right

August 28, 2017

Client Experience Done Right

In the war to win the adoration and loyalty of their customers, Apple’s "secret sauce" can be summed up in one word: empathy. From casual online browsing to the thrill of opening a new product's packaging for the first time, this tech giant designs every touchpoint with the customer experience in mind.  

As the driving force behind Apple’s experience design, empathy plays a key role in every touchpoint. Smaller companies wanting to do a better job of weaving customer experience throughout the journey can learn from these examples of touchpoints done right:

Unboxing as a Happening

The joy of opening a new Apple product is the stuff social media is made of.  If you’re unfamiliar with the unboxing phenomenon, a quick YouTube search will help explain the extent of its popularity. Most retail companies put a lot of thought into packaging, but few consider how the experience of opening a new product could strengthen customer loyalty. A great unboxing experience can feel like a personal performance for the user, so scripting it perfectly may return great dividends. 

Powerful, Yet Effortless, Navigation

Apple’s website is easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and designed to make users feel like part of a community. Make sure your website facilitates seamless transitions for those wanting to learn more about your brand, buy a product, or locate you. 

Retail is an Experience

Apple Stores are designed and operated to illicit excitement about new products, solve user problems, and create an atmosphere of belonging in an Apple world. Product demos give customers a way to get excited about new devices without the risk. Apple staffers are extensively trained in the psychology of the customer and use tactics designed to make customers feel heard, agreed with, and included. Train your staff to be responsive and empathetic to the client, while giving them a feeling of belonging, and give customers a reason to get excited about your brand.      

Unparalleled Support

From a customer-experience perspective, Apple’s Genius Bar is, well, genius. Not only do employees quickly solve a host of problems, but customers identify and bond with the employees, who use Apple mobile devices on the floor. One-on-one tutorials, personal set-up desks, and group classes round out an exceptional support program. Identify touchpoints in your business that provide guidance to your customers and streamline them to exceed expectations. 

As the driving force behind Apple’s user experience design, empathy plays a key role in every touchpoint.