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Business Partnerships in Shipshape

June 28, 2017

When you uncork a bottle of red after a long day, do you ever stop to think how the wine made it from the vineyard to your home? Specialized shipping services bring the goods you love to your door with innovative technology and temperature-controlled solutions. 24Seven Enterprises, a distribution and warehouse company based in Wurtsboro, New York, builds relationships with vendors to provide services beneficial to both businesses and consumers.

24Seven Enterprises owner James Delaney is originally from Dublin, Ireland, where he attended Trinity College and created a successful shipping business servicing the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Delaney and his family moved to the United States in 2000, and he began 24Seven Enterprises about five years later. The company specializes in temperature-controlled, special product shipping. With an initial warehouse in Middletown, the company expanded to several locations around the country, including Napa Valley, Nevada, and Florida. The company offers services for packing and shipping specialized products such as wine, cheese, and yogurt. The facility in Napa Valley was created specifically for compliance in the delivery of wine, and a new facility opening soon in Cobleskill will house half a million square feet of storage space. The team is also lead by COO Brian McGuinness and CFO Bob Peters.

As the business has grown rapidly, the team has continued to focus on their foundation: a partner-based approach to business. Every client becomes a partner, and the relationships created are mutually beneficial.

“Our policy in business has always been a partner approach rather than a vendor-client approach,” says Delaney. “We look to become a partner with our vendors and clients to provide a tailored solution for each situation. We feel the collaborative approach is right for both us and our clients.”

The company has also worked with vendors to design its own packaging for better transport and delivery. Working with carriers like UPS and FedEx, 24Seven Enterprises developed programs to improve efficiency, such as presenting freight organized by zip code to help carriers load and transport quickly and accurately while improving costs for both parties.

An Eye on Innovation

As technology progresses in every business sector, Delaney has invested in innovative ways to grow the business and better serve clients. As direct-to-consumer sales have increased due to the internet, the shipping and packing business of 24Seven Enterprises has grown as well. The company has focused on continuing their partnership approach to business with technology that increases visibility for clients.

“As internet retailers build up their businesses, we have been able to build up our business as well,” says Delaney. “We are very aware of the delivery window of delivering products to the consumer, and we measure up to the big players in the industry.”

As 24Seven Enterprises experienced rapid growth, standard business challenges arose. How does the company meet this rate of growth while still delivering top-notch services to both vendors and clients? The company turned once again to technology, discovering the impact of financial investments and learning more about the length of time needed to implement new technology. These challenges became the perfect opportunity to improve best practices for the future of the company.

The Benefits of Financial Partnership

For more than 10 years, Delaney and his team have worked with Sterling National Bank to make business goals a reality. With connections in the area, Sterling National Bank has helped 24Seven Enterprises develop relationships with other local businesses.

“Sterling National Bank has helped us from a local perspective by opening doors in Orange County,” says Delaney. “They have been collaborative with us since the beginning, introducing us to the right people and championing us in numerous ways. Tom Fitzgerald has also personally provided excellent support.”

As the company continues to grow, Delaney sets his eyes on working with larger entities across the country to provide temperature-controlled solutions. 24Seven Enterprises hopes to collaborate with larger brick-and-mortar businesses selling products direct to consumers both in stores and online.

A Family Business

As the company continues to grow and move toward the future, Delaney’s family has also joined the ranks. Three of his five children have joined the 24Seven Enterprises team. His son Edmund Delaney manages sales and development on the West Coast, and his daughter Kathryn Delaney handles sales and development on the East Coast. His son James Delaney, Jr. directs operations.

24Seven Enterprises has New York locations in Middletown, New Windsor, Wurtsboro, and Cobleskill, with additional facilities in Reno, Nevada; Napa Valley, California; and Sarasota, Florida.

$1.4 Trillion

According to the United States Department of Transportation, transportation-related investments make up about $1.4 trillion (about 8.6 percent) of the United States gross domestic product.