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Winning the Market Battle From Within

May 15, 2016

With pressure to maximize competitive advantage while boosting ROI, it can seem irresponsible to shift resources to your company’s internal communications. After all, isn’t your business out there as opposed to in here? Yet prudent leaders understand that incremental gains are often created by focusing inward.

Facilitating Connections

In creating an internal communication strategy, you are connecting employees with the company’s broader goals by promoting a two-way dialogue about organizational plans. By doing so, it ensures that they know: 

1. The direction the company is going 

2. How they fit into that

3. Why it’s the best way to proceed

4. How you anticipate getting there

Creating Alignment

Aligning the organization across all levels can also improve employee engagement throughout the company—inspiring them to direct their efforts toward reaching your firm’s goals. With resulting improvements in collaboration, productivity and performance, you’re much more likely to generate tangible marketplace results.

Crafting Your Plan

Much like developing strategic plans for other areas of your business, you begin by identifying and prioritizing your objectives. Second, decide on the right strategies to reach those goals. Next, settle on the best tactics for implementing your approach. Finally, choose communication channels and messages that will reach your audience(s) most effectively. 

The High Stakes of Employee Communications

Companies that take these steps will see measurable impact:

> Nearly 50% more total shareholder returns 

> Productivity and profitability rates 70% higher 

> 70% more likely to understand customers