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Aspiring Rock Star to Furnishings Mogul

January 14, 2019

Early in life, Richard Mines was so determined to break into the music industry that he took a position at the advertising agency that represented MTV. There, he thought, he would be well-positioned to slip his demo to music insiders. Despite his resolve, the native New Yorker accepted he would have to redirect his energies into more lucrative ventures. 

The Right Investment at the Right Time

Over the years, as he earned his MBA and started a family, one opportunity opened to another for Mines. A corporate catering position initiated a stint in a major New York City auction house, which led to a marketing position and subsequent ownership of an upscale furniture company. Just when Mines was looking for his next venture, he learned that a former competitor was for sale. 

WB Wood had been in operation since 1905, and Mines sensed he could apply his diverse business experience to increase its sales and drive growth. Today WB Wood is a top-grossing distributor of Herman Miller products and has added 300 additional manufacturers to its suite of products. With offices in Manhattan and New Jersey, the company offers a full range of procurement and project management services to organizations nationwide, helping business owners, architects, and design firms plan and execute enormous transitions. 

A Trusted Financial Partner

As a critical component in Mines’s business success, Sterling National Bank assisted him in the purchase of WB Wood, the acquisition of two New Jersey branches, and a buy-out of his partner. Mines credits Sterling National Bank’s President of the Capital Finance Division Michael Haddad with helping him connect the dots along the way. 

“A lot of people make promises, but Michael Haddad actually delivered.” He continued, “Through his implementation of new processes and technologies, there’s been an increased sense of consistency and trust.”

No Regrets

Mines is pleased about the detours his life has taken since leaving the recording studio for the board room. He has two sons in college, and he recently enjoyed a two-week African safari to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary. When he’s not at work, he swims, bikes, plays squash, hikes, and enjoys being outdoors at his country house in the Berkshires. At the office, he’s a manager, business owner, problem solver, and motivator. And, always, Mines is in a constant state of reinvention, keeping his eye on the next venture.

“Even in the deep dark of the night, when I’m still a little upset that I’m not a rock-n-roll star, I realize that I actually do have a rich and creative life.”

Real Estate Financing

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