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Apply the Principles of Design Thinking to Business

May 15, 2015

Design thinking—a process for problem-solving and discovering new opportunities—is showing up more in business. Put some of its core principles into practice:

> Rethink Organizational Psychology
Team members must operate on a level playing field for design thinking to be successful. Traditionally, Western businesses operate with a tiered management structure built on leaders passing decisions down a chain of command.

> Empower Employees to Take Ownership 
When a team member is encouraged to make important decisions, they gain a sense of ownership in the process and product.

> Turn to Teams 
Rely on the input of several people to synthesize solutions—turning to both collective and individual thought.

> Encourage Mutual Respect
While the management hierarchy may not disappear, managers can understand that a good idea can come from anywhere. If an idea has potential it requires a culture and process to communicate and implement