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Aiming Long Term? Think Campaign.

May 8, 2017

The best marketing strategies aim to maximize brand visibility while being self-perpetuating and long-lasting. That’s no easy feat. How do you break through the clutter, stand out from the competition, and cement your place in customers’ minds? It won’t happen without a plan. Today, that means an integrated campaign—one blending digital methods with more traditional marketing.

Forming Your Plan

When planning, aim for multiple touchpoints across a variety of channels. The idea is to be seen by potential customers as much as possible. As you do, communicate what makes your brand or product stand apart as a unique value. 

And don’t just aim for prospects. Work on building deeper relationships with your existing customers to generate sales in a cost-effective way. In addition, encouraging word-of-mouth sharing can effectively turn existing customers into trusted salespeople for your product or service.

Taking It ‘Next Level’

Some best practices for a breakthrough marketing campaign:

> Predictive analytics can help you identify and capitalize on what works.

> Engaging content, such as video and interactive content, will keep your message fresh.

> Social media supports your overall strategy by reinforcing your message and extending your reach.

> Easy purchasing, such as email “buy buttons,” drives conversion. 

> “Little Data” offers detailed snapshots of your customer and their journey so you know the best way to
reach them.